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When: Back to Calendar » June 11, 2012 @ 12:00 am – August 28, 2012 @ 3:00 am
Where: City Parks
Cost: Free!
Contact: Anjanette Levert

The 10th Annual IMAGENATION OUTDOORS FESTIVAL is a free open-air film and music festival held in various New York City parks on warm summer nights throughout the summer. The annual festival targets community residents, who yearn for holistic portrayals of Blacks and Latinos in film and media. IFMF features films by and/or about Black and Latino people worldwide, live music performances, DJs and a Harlem festival lounge. Launched in 2002 with one screening for 300 people, the festival now draws nearly 10,000 participants (averaging close to 1,500 people per screening).

Here’s a quick glance at the line-up:

* June 10th  – Brooklyn Boheme, w/ Idle Warship (Talib Kweli & Res)

This celebration of Brooklyn Soul, co-produced with SummerStage, includes a screening of Brooklyn Boheme followed by a Q & A with co-director Nelson George. The film will be preceded by hip-hop artist Talib Kweli, who hails from Brooklyn, NY. Kweli has worked with big names such as Kanye West, Dead Prez, and The Neptunes. The mixing of his socially-conscious lyrics and insidious beats reflect his cutting-edge creativity.
>>Find out more here.



**July 11th – Everyday Sunshine w/ Game Rebellion

Co-presented with the Real Harlem: Historic Harlem Parks Film Festival and narrated by Lawrence Fishburne, Every Day Sunshine is a roc doc that features Gwen Stefani, Ice-T, Tim Robbins, Branford Marsalis and more. Before the showing of this crowd-pleaser, enjoy the metal, punk and rudeboy skanking licks of Game Rebellion.
>>Click here to learn more.




**July 12th – Soul Train! A Tribute to Don Cornelius w/ music by InJoy Enterprises

Programmed by the legendary Injoy Enterprises and co-presented with the Real Harlem: Historic Harlem Parks Film Festival, this evening will include performances by NYC’s most talented independent artists. Following these acts will be an in-depth peek into the career of Don Cornelius, the creator of Soul Train. There will also be a Soul Train line to top off the night, as well as live performances!
>>Click here for more info.




* July 29th – Africa United w/ Taj Weekes

Driven to provoke social discussion through his poignant poetry and lyrics, Taj Weekes formed Taj Weekes and Adowa in order to unite social consciousness with an unforgettable reggae groove. Come and enjoy their music before viewing Africa United, the extraordinary story of three Rwandan kids who walk 3000 miles to see the Soccer World Cup in South Africa. This show is being co-presented with SummerStage.
>>Click here to find out more.



**August 1st – Taking Root! A Tribute to Wanguri Maathai

This evening, co-presented with the Real Harlem: Historic Harlem Parks Film Festival, follows the inspirational story of Wanguri Maathai, a woman who won the Nobel Peace Prize by planting trees.
>>Click here for more info.





**August 3rd – Burning in the Sun & Pumzi

Burning in the Sun is co-presented with the Real Harlem: Harlem Parks Film Festival. 26-year-old charmer Daniel Dembele is equal parts West African and European, and looking to make his mark on the world.  Seizing the moment at a crossroads in his life, Daniel decides to return to his homeland in Mali and start a local business building solar panels – the first of its kind in the sun drenched nation. Pumzi is a Kenyan science fiction short film written and directed by Wanuri Kahiu, in which nature is extinct and the outside is dead, until Asha, the main character, receives a box in the mail containing soil and successfully plants a seed.
>>Click here to read more about these films.


August 6th – Pariah w/ Honeychild & Bachslider

A film about Alike, a 17 year-old poet and lesbian who faces the ups and downs life throws at her.
>>Find out more about Pariah here.






* August 12th  – Doin’ it in the Park w/ Yerbabuena and DJ Bobbito AKA KoolBobLove

Yerbabuena and DJ Bobbito will open the night with a unique blend of rare jazz, world and soul music. They will be followed by Doin’ it in the Park: Pick-Up Basketball, a documentary co-presented with SummerStage that lovingly explores this b’ball movement through the voices of playground legends such as James “Fly” Williams and “Pee Wee” Kirkland.
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August 13th  – Details to Come


+August 14th  Come Back, Africa w/ Goapele & Yolanda Zama **

A poignant and insightful drama, Come Back, Africa was secretly filmed in 1959 during apartheid in South Africa. This film, co-presented with SummerStage and the Real Harlem: Historic Harlem Parks Film Festival, is part of our Celebrate South Africa! program and will be preceded by the unique South African sounds of Goapele & Yolanda Zama.
>>Find out more here.




August 18th – Marley w/ Harlem Week

In partnership with Harlem Week, Marley follows the life, music, and indelible legacy of Bob Marley.

>>For more information, click here.





August 20th  – Chico and Rita w/ Bobby Sanabria presents his New School Afro-Cuban Jazz Band

From Havana to New York, Paris, Hollywood and Las Vegas, two passionate individuals battle impossible odds to unite in music and love.
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+ August 25th   – Amandla! A Revolution in Four-part Harmony w/Harlem Week

This inspiring documentary, part of our program Celebrate South Africa! and co-presented with Harlem Week, weaves together interviews, archival footage, and filmed performances highlight the role of music in the South African struggle against apartheid.

>>Click here to learn more.




August 27th  – Beats, Rhymes & Life

This documentary follows the hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest, whose sudden break up in 1998 shocked the industry and saddened scores of loyal fans.
>>Find out more here.





* Special collaborations with SummerStage
 + Celebrate South Africa! Program, Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the ANC
**In partnership with the Historic Harlem Parks Film Festival

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