Gang Girl

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When: Back to Calendar » January 29, 2013 @ 1:00 am - 3:00 am
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Gang Girl: A Mother’s Journey to Save Her Daughter
Meet director Valerie Goodloe and her daughter Nafeesa.

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Valerie Goodloe, an LA-based professional photographer for a national magazine, thought that she and her family had it made. She was confident that her children would grow up to be well-rounded, socially-responsible human beings. She imagined they would go to college, excel in their careers and never worry about issues fueled by poverty, such as welfare, selling drugs or using food stamps. That dream, however, became a nightmare when Goodloe discovered that her troubled daughter Nafeesa had joined the Bloods, a notorious Los Angeles gang.

Directed and executive produced by Goodloe, Gang Girl: A Mother’s Journey to Save Her Daughter is an award-winning documentary that examines the reasons why girls from all walks of life and every socio-economic background are joining gangs. It will also explore the cultural differences between girl gangs in Los Angeles, a hotbed for gang activity, and other American cities.

“Gang violence is akin to a malignant cancer for which there is no viable cure,” she says. “I pray that this documentary will help people understand why more needs to be done to stop the madness. No one is immune. We need your support — right here, right now.”

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