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When: Back to Calendar » September 21, 2012 @ 7:00 pm – December 8, 2012 @ 2:00 am
2031 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd
New York,NY 10027
Contact: ImageNation
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Curated by Paula Coleman, the “Middle of Nowhere” Art Exhibit features artwork by Kenneth Browne, Leonardo Benzant, Jordan (Jordan! TM) Baker-Caldwell, Whitney House and Lehna Huie. These five featured artists address the dilemmas and issues of love and incarceration expressed by the characters, in the film MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. Browne and Huie use figures and portraits to interpret the emotional fantasy and crisis of the main character. The sculptor Jordan! TM assembled abstract sculptures to metaphorically represent love and the hardness of life. Whitney’s ink on canvas explores word associations to describe the emotion of the two main characters in the film. In Benzant’s mixed media work, he links the complexity of love with the trauma of being incarcerated. The film MIDDLE OF NOWHERE opens in select cities nationwide on October 12th.



Jordan (Jordan! TM) Baker-Caldwell – Sculptures – In my three dimensional works I endeavor to express in solid form the delicate balance that the film presents between love, life, confinement and freedom. They are about this woman’s struggle, her pitfalls and triumphs as she strives to maintain normalcy as her world begins to slip into disarray.

Jordan! Tm Jordan Baker-Caldwell (b. 1983 – New York City) He studied at the New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University. He received a BFA from Alfred University in 2005. Jordan!™ currently lives and works in New York City. Jordan!™’s work is currently on display at galleries and locations throughout the world. His work was featured as part of the “Fluorescent Ball” at the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD). His works were also included in “It’s A Small, Small World” at Maurizio Cattelan’s Gallery, Family Business, Crest Art Show in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Renaissance Fine Art, Harlem, New York. Jordan!™ is one of the founders of the Hullaballoo Collective, an eclectic Artist group that made its debut at the legendary Fountain Art Fair. Their most recent show, “Joie De Vivre” was on view at Paul Seftel’s PS Project Space in Chelsea.


Leonardo Benzant – Mixed Media Paintings – The work exhibited In The Middle Of Nowhere emerged as I inscribed text and kongo-signs based on the imagery and themes of the trailer. It was apparent, that there was a love triangle between two men and one woman, who finds herself at the crossroads between the past and the future. Also, I incorporated the lexicon of my body of work called Signatures, in which, I interpret and invent signs and motifs, creating organic and rhythmic compositions, which are original yet culturally resonant.

Leonardo Benzant (b. 1982 – New York) resides in Queens, New York. Benzant was encouraged by his parents at a young age to explore his creative talents. He is the co-founder of Rainbow & Thunderbolts Multimedia Promotions and for over twenty-three years has been making art before entering the academic world majoring in Fine Art at Pratt Institute. The multidisciplinary artist has also been enriched by numerous mentors and classes including: collage, drawing, painting, vocalization, and writing and theatre arts. Leonardo has been featured in several group shows in New York including Hip-Hop Abstract Visions, Fabric and Rhythm, and UNCF— The Art Of Giving Back. In 2002, he co-wrote and co-starred in the film called Muela, which was featured at the L.A. International Short Film Festival and international festivals.


Kenneth Browne – Paintings & Drawings – My work would best be described as realism though it is also deeply rooted in narrative ideas. Using the narrative style I create cinematic scenes to tell stories about life and its many struggles. After watching the trailer of “Middle of Nowhere” I was struck with the beauty of the main character and how she deals with her situation. Poised and strong, she continues to live her life while dedicating her heart to her man behind bars. With my images I hope to recreate the strength she displays and how hardworking she to continue her ideals. The strength of this woman reminds me of the many single strong women I’ve encountered throughout my life.

Kenneth Browne (b. 1982 – Hempstead, New York) he is a Brooklyn based artist. He attended Salisbury University receiving a BA in 2-D Studio under the guidance of Gary Brotman and Jinchul Kim. After graduation Browne moved to Brooklyn, New York to study with Linda Francis and Ross Neher and earn his MFA from Pratt Institute. Recently, Browne has had solo shows with Bishop’s Stock Gallery called From the Crowd and with 23rd and 5th called Viewing Burlesque which featured his new portraits of the Neo Burlesque performers of New York. He has also been included in numerous group shows including New Contemporary American Realist Biennial 2008 and 2010 at the Fort Wayne Museum of art and C’mere Kitty Kitty at Azucarera Art Gallery.


Whitney House – Ink on canvas – The concept behind my pieces is to capture the two characters emotions using words and color to illustrate their perspective of one another. The male perspective is very harsh whereas the female is very uplifting. Using muted and cheerful colors to capture both of their emotions. Using graphic design gave me the ability to communicate the relationship between the two characters and the freedom to give my work a creative twist.

Whitney House (b. 1988 – New York) works and lives in Harlem, New York. She received a BA in Graphic Design, from Parsons The New School for Design in 2012. In addition to graphic design she has studied Web design, Motion Graphics, and Typeface Design. Whitney’s work carries the aesthetics of simple and clean, which is visible in her current company’s logo design. Combining her creativity and her graphic skills such as logo, packaging, print and web design, she decided to come up her own store called the Creative Era. After releasing her WOB (Wiring Of Bowties) she has been featured in a few Trunk Shows such as “Finding Style in Time “, Smoke and Leather, Glam Beaute, and Raw Artist. She also has exhibited her digital designs and mixed media work at Art is Visual and Functional, at Renaissance Fine Art in Harlem.


Lehna Huie – Paintings – These three pieces speak of new found love between a man and a woman as well as the love that remains between that same woman and her man who have been separated due to life’s struggles. The figures in the work represent the chemistry that exists between two bodies when in love. The deep expressions of infatuation, lust and longing as well as the emotions that arise once new love arrives such as curiosity, fear and chance despite a continuing and lingering tumultuous love.

Lehna Huie, (b, 1988 – New York) She is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts (BFA’10) with a specialization in Painting and Studio Arts. Grounded by the rhythms of the African Diaspora, New York City life, and the essence of Jamaica, Huie is ever inspired by the extraordinary diversity within and among New York neighborhoods. Her shows include: Out of Many, One People at the Flux Factory 2012; Black August at the Brecht Forum 2010 and 2011; Ladies First 2011 and 2012; and The Black Ain’t Project at Chashama Gallery 2012. Huie recently completed an artist-in residency program at the Flux Factory in Long Island City 2012. Huie has curated and exhibited in various art shows in New York and in Berlin, Germany.



Paula Coleman has been a gallerist, curator, and art dealer for twenty years. She is currently the Director of Renaissance Fine Art in Harlem; and the former Co-Owner of P.C.O.G. Gallery (NYC 2001-2007) with the renowned sculptor Ousmane Gueye. Coleman has worked independently on creative projects for more than a decade. She has worked with contemporary art institutions and programs, which includes Creative Generations Program (W.L. Bonner’s Center), Community Prep H.S.’s Art Program and the Dwyer Cultural Center in New York City. Coleman established in 2001 the “Emerging Young Artists (E.Y.A.), a free art program for children 4-12 years old; and in 2010 established The Coleman Projects, an ongoing curatorial series which exhibits the works of contemporary visual artists on the walls of chic eateries and eclectic commercial spaces throughout New York.

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